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Flower Perch by HuggedByABear Flower Perch by HuggedByABear
Who remembers this darling? :D

This is my faerie character Eolande, if you haven't seen her yet. SHE'S SO GORGEOUS ASDFGHJKL;
Since I haven't uploaded anything in a while, I wanted to do something nicer than I normally do. It's not that much nicer, but it'll do. xD

Compare to from nearly two years ago. Improvement anyone? :iconwoahplz:

Hope you like! :heart:

Eolande :iconakimyra:
Artwork :iconakimyra:

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Robo-Shark Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Ah sweet, I love the name Eolande, though how is it pronounced? I always wondered LOL. I love the way you've used gradients in the shading, it's always a really cool technique to me! I'd like to hear more about her!
HuggedByABear Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Student General Artist
I believe it's pronounced AY-oh-LAHN-day. I thought it was really pretty and fitting C:
Gradients are fun! :D It took me a while to get used to shading like this, but it's really smooth and nice-looking and I like it :)
She has two other friends, one is a forest elf named Glinda and the other is a mermaid named Amelia. I don't have much of a backstory for them though. All I can really say is that Glinda and Eolande live in the forests of the northern states during the summer and migrate to Florida when it gets too cold. They follow the patterns of the robins that live in those states. It's during the winter months that they get to visit their friend Amelia. They're peaceful creatures that try to maintain the conditions of their environments. :D
Robo-Shark Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
That's a really pretty name! I have another friend who has a fantasy character by that name, made a plush of her before - I love the sound of the name!

The smoothness does look great. Aw they all sound like neat characters, have you posted art of Glinda or Amelia before? I tend to like mer-characters, due to my love of the ocean, but yeah hahah. That's awesome!
HuggedByABear Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks! :iconyooyayplz: Really? What kind of fantasy character is she?

Thank you very much! :aww:
No I haven't. I only have a really old picture of Glinda with me and I'm not sure if I ever finished coloring that picture of Amelia. They were both done in my sketchbook, it was around the time that my tablet thought it was a real hoot to not work and make me waste my time with it. xD
They're really pretty though, I'll post drawings of them soon! (And by soon most likely Monday because I'll be super busy until then.)
Robo-Shark Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
She's an elf of sorts I believe!

Aw hope you can finish some in the future! It'd be cool to see them then!
HuggedByABear Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013  Student General Artist
Ah, okay. I love elves! Elves and faeries are my favorite fantasy creatures. Other than griffins, of course.

I hope so too. I plan on submitting something soon! C:
sceneecupcake Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
Her and Ko should be BFFS. ;u;
/end random

My dad saw this and he was all worried because of the copyright at the bottom. Hah. I had to explain how utterly perfect you were to have drawn / colored / copyrighted that all your own. c:
HuggedByABear Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Student General Artist

To be honest, I'm not sure how to officially copyright stuff...and it's probably dumb of me to put that there. I just do it so people don't steal it lol. I should probably stop it x'D
sceneecupcake Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
No I think it's cool, if it's your art you need to protect it! Especially since... I think it's good enough to steal ._.;

You know what I mean! If it's good, someone might be all like HEY I WANT TO CLAIM THIS AS MY OWN. Don't give 'em the chance, chick! >:oC Either that or a really big / awesome watermark that covers the whole image somehow, yet still claims the picture to you.

IDK I just had coffee and my brain is broken.
HuggedByABear Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Pssh. You're too kind <3
But really. If it's not officially copyrighted then I probably shouldn't put the copyright there. But I do just do make sure people won't take it, and it's worked so far, so...idk.
I might just put my URL without the copyright symbol. Makes more sense. xD
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